• Courses which are older than 24 months and have not been viewed or edited in the last 12 months will be archived
  • Archived courses are switched to read only for both learners and teachers. Teachers will have no editing access and learners will not be able to complete activities
  • Courses will be permanently deleted 3 years after being archived
  • The archival and deletion processes will take place annually at the end of each academic year
  • Teachers will be informed once their course has been archived and when their course is due to be deleted
  • Archived courses must undergo a quality assurance review before they can be re-launched

User accounts

  • All accounts will be permanently deleted after 3 years of inactivity
  • If a user wishes to keep their account they can reset the countdown by logging into their account again
  • An automatic message will be sent out to users whose accounts are about to be deleted 1 month in advance.